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I am 21 years old and my husband is 51 years old, i have been with him 5 years married for 2.

I realy would like to have a baby, however the problem being my husband had a vasetomi over 15 years ago. If ut was reversed we have been told the chance of it being sucsessful, basicly nill chance.

And to be quite honest with you .1: i cant get donated sperm on the NHS because my husband has had a vasectomi.2: I am unable to afford the fee of 3 Grand pluss for donated sperm on the privet sector.

Has any 1 got any answers to my problem, apart from adopting. I realy would like to have my own child as i have already lost 2 when i was 16, with my first partner ( i would rather not go into this as it is far to painful)

But sugestions would be very greatful.
Many thanks.
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Name: Eric | Date: May 6th, 2009 4:38 PM
Find a natural donor. 

Name: jamie_ogren | Date: Jul 7th, 2009 2:29 AM
there are actually websites where you can talk to someone and become friends and "naturally" produce a child even with your husband watching, almost like voyuerism.
but different.
they are guys that know youre trying to concieve, and would follow your own rules.
some men just do it for the kindness.. 

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