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My wife and I were married on October 21st of 2009. Prior to me she had a boyfriend of 9 years and the father of her 4 children for 20 years, she never was married prior to me. The father of her children now has terminal diabetes and requires dialysis. Through there twenty years together he has puctured her ear drum, tried to kill her by running her off the road (of which he spent jail-time over), and last summer threaten to kill us both.

Now that were married, she says she feels compassion for him and wants to visit him frequently, about once a week. In addition to this she wants to cut his hair as well. Here kids are all grown up and on there own so there really isn't much contact regarding there children. She states it's out of compassion for him, but I believe it's something else.

Am I out of line for not wanting her to see or visit him? I'm really interested in some positive feedback. My emotions are deeply seeded in this and I can not see objectively to handle this situation.
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