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I have a very different situation than anyon I know. I was married to a man who had four children whom he did not care for, I cared for them along with their biological mother for the six years he and I were together. I finally got out of this abusive relationship and fought for visitatioon of the children. After seven months their bio mom finally allowed me to have their bio dad (my ex husband);s rights, as he has little to do with them, and I had been an integral part of their lives for six years (the youngest is a little over six years, the oldest is now 15!). They are wonderful, well-behaved, well-mannered, kind and loving children. I remarried in October of this year. My husband is an attorney who promised to aid in my getting de facto parenting time up until we wed, when he said he could not. I FINALLY got them back into my life without his help and I am deeply concerned with his relationship with them. i also have four stepchildren by him (9, 15, 17, 18). The youngesy is a spoiled brat with no manners, an eating disorder, and the mindset that she runs the show. I love all of his children dearly and see them as my own, The youngest one has a behavioral problem that is a factor of her upbringing, and no fault of her own. I was in a car accident in May leaving me handicapped. I was to have a full recovery but my femur did not heal and I found out two days ago I will have to have my bone rebroken, a larger hole drilled in my bone and a larger rod inserted in my leg. Today my husband cleaned off the refrigerator in the first time since I have known him. He removed only two items, citing they were old so he THREW THEM AWAY. All of our youngest's pictures, artwork, schoolwork, etc. was still in tact. The only two items missing were two pictures drawn less than two weeks ago by my daughters. He has also said my youngest girl smelled "poor," and my youngest boy was "nothing special" and that he couldn't believe he had been chosen for a modeling competition for this reason. He would not allow me to place their stockings on the mantle, saying I could only when they came to visit. He knew the pics on the fridge were theirs becuase I was so proud of them, having nothing left after my prior divorce, these being the only artworks I had that he said "I KNOW, you told me three times before your girls made those!". When I tried to speak to him about it, he said "Fuck this no fuck you. and fuck your morbid attitude, I do so much for youa dn your children as it is." I have my own money,and could not care less for his. I have just been disabled here. I own homes in another state and I am getting a job to show him my kids and I do not need shit from him. But to say fuck you to me. I do not need that, I could have just stayed married to the asshole I was married to before if I wanted that, What do I do?
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