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Hi! I am a GS looking for my perfect match. I am 37 years old, have 2 children, and have married for 12 years. We live in Oregon. I am very down to earth and easy to get along with.
Both pregnancies went wonderfully with no complications or problems.
I will not abort or reduce unless my life or the baby/babies life were to be in danger.
I am open to however much contact you want. If you want to come to every appointment, that's fine. If you don't really want any contact, that's fine, too.
I am currently on birth control pills. I do not drink or smoke. I am also taking multi-vitamins and omegas.
I am asking for a base of $23,000 plus the usual extras but am open to discussion.
My family is complete and I am ready to help you start yours.
If you would like to know more about me, please let me know! Have a great day and good luck in your search!
Open to working with an agency.
Contact me at [email protected]
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