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Hi! I have a few questions for you but first let me tell you a little about us. I was adopted and It was an experience that changed my life. I thank god everyday that things fell the way they did for me because I have the most amazing family anyone could ask for. I am not Unable to have children. We can have children but my partner and I have done foster care and I also worked for the state of Arizona with children in foster care with behavioral problems. We want to help someone else and be the loving home for someones child. We are a Lesbian couple in Arizona, we have the legal part started but we are really clueless on how to find a birth mom. Is there someone out there that has been through the adoption process and is part of an alternative life style? Would you be willing to tell me a little about your experience or guide me to someone that could help? Arizona does not have a lot of gay friendly places. We would like to adopt the baby as it is born we really don't want to do the foster to adopt program. Mostly we are interested in open adoptions or semi open adoptions. This to us is as much about helping someone else out as it is brining a child into our loving family.

Of course this goes without saying if you are a birth mom or know of a birth mom Please contact us.
Good luck to everyone on here!
Thanks so much in advance for any helpful advice!
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Name: nnoko | Date: Mar 11th, 2010 3:39 PM
Hi,i am 7 months pregnant, i was just wondering if you are intrested in any adoption,i lost my husband during a car accident,i will be glad to have you adopt my unborn baby here is my email [email protected] God bless you 

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