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Name: Priyanka
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I have been married for about 2 years, at first my husband and i were so happy but after we got married everything changed he became abusive and after a while i started changing into a mirro image of him. We nevr go out or have fun, he take no interest in me or the way i dress or anything. we don't even spend time as a couple. i feel like he doesn't love me and that i am just here because it is a nice to have or a force of habit. i try everything possible to make things work but when i look at him i just see a blank person staring back at me. i don't know what to do because i do not believe in divorce but i am so unhappy,i want to cry but i just act like vrything is ok. i need his attention but he will not give it to me and yet i do not look at other ways of finding relief of my pain i know he does. i do not have friends i can talk to and pretty much spend my time alone thinking about all this but today i found this sight and thought maybe someone out there will talk to me and give me the courage to face all this
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