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My boyfriend and I have been together for roughly 4 months. He is 53, I am 43 and he has a 14.5 year old daughter from a previous relationship. When I met her and saw them interact I noticed that they did not have a healthy relationship as her public displays of affection were rather inappropriate and very adult-like (i.e. from sitting on his lap, to slapping his bottom, to constantly needing kisses, to wanting to go into the restroom while he showered (with a full view) and wanting to sleep with him whether I was there or not). When I brought this to his attention he recognized that it was wrong and stopped it (well at least 90% of it) rather quickly. The part I don't understand is her need to interact with him constantly, like every hour on the hour... it rather annoying. For example: when she is with us she rarely calls, texts or IMs her mom & step dad, but when she is with her mom she is constantly in contact with her dad, almost obsessive about it. Another example is... I took him for a romantic weekend get-a-way, shared how special it was too her and asked that she give us the night together (not to mention her spending the previous night with us and us taking her to lunch); but she called anyway. Thank God we were out to dinner and he did not have his phone. Does any know why she has to talk to him sooooooo frequently, like every hour on the hour? He says he allows it cause he feels guilty about the divorce, but I think they are co-dependent or perhaps he likes to feel needy and enjoy the attention he is getting from her. What do you all think? Is she attracted to her dad? Is she trying to come between us or something else? PS: in case I was not clear, my problem is that when she is with us she gets 100% of our time and when she is with her mom its like she never left as we never get time away from her). Please help...
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