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Hello all, I was a member of this group about 4 years ago, but havnt been on since. I am in need of serious advice. My SO and myself have recently seperated. We have one child together who is 3 1/2, and I hae two from a previous marriage (10, and 6) We were together for 5 years and over the years as the kids got older and more parenting issues arose we ound ourselves constantly gighting over the kids. He iswhat I consider super strict and I am what he considers too leanient. After a month of being apart we are both havin the "dont know wht you got till its gone" thoughts. I need advice on how to learn to compromise and let go of some of the control with the kids or at least ho to allow him to discipline as he sees fit even if I dont agree. Please help me save my family, this has been awful on my girls. I know that no all families agree on everything so how do we mke it through when we dont? Any and all advice is appreciated and welcomed.
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