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im not the type of person to even believe in what "psychics" have to say but i have an older sister who is religiously devoted to tarot cards. So just for fun I spoke a psychic after i had my 19week ultrasound (which they told me they didnt see any boy parts...so theyre assuming its a girl) Well the "psychic" said the cards say its a boy. i just laughed and told my sister that proves psychics are wrong! so she told me to talk to another one on her... so we did this one read "energies" and also felt it was a boy. So she laughed at me and said see, i still didnt believe so we spoke to a different psychic who clamied she was clairvoyant or something like that and within seconds of asking her what is the sex of the baby? she told also it was a boy. im the type of person who hates to be wrong so ive spoken to 2 more different "psychics" and they have both told me its a boy. my sister thinks i should believe them cuz the doctors were wrong about her 20week ultrasound for her son but i just dont kno what to think. could this just luck of the draw for all 5 of them or should i actually have some faith in what these people are telling me? has anyone been in a similar situation? it is very frustrating to be wrong.
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