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Hey I saw your post and I had some advice. First does your sis inlaw want you to have her baby?? If she does it will make things easier for you. Contact an attorney and tell him the story. He can tell you exactly what you need to do. we have gardianship of our nephew and want to adopt him as well so i know what you have to do sort of. If she knows who the daddy is he will have to sign over his rights or you will have to publish an article in the local paper if you dont know his wearabouts stating that you want to adopt the baby and who the lawyer is ect. they will have to run this ad for a certain number of weeks before you can file for the adoption. But Before any of that, you have to get a homestudy and be approved for the adoption first. It has been a long and trying process for us and thatis why we are only to the gardian stage of our process. I hope this is helpful to you. You can email me if you have anymore questions ]]][email protected][[[[
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