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I have twin step sons they are 6 yrs old and due to their dads work schedule I pick them up for him which isn't a problem for his x wife my problem is that one of the boys never wants to come over and he wrestles us both he'll punch my car windows and kicks thems as well as hit his brother and hit and bite me n his bio mom we spoke to our attorney about it and he advised us that we can't force him to come with us and the police dept says its a civil matter and they can't enforce the child to go their bio mom gets upset n forcefully wants him to go my husband says we can't force him and let it be that he'll come when he's ready what your opinion in this matter thank you p.s.we had legal custody of them since they were 2 the judge granted her custody due to their older boys signing to want to be with her in april 2010.
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