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I'm currently looking in to the support networks used by lesbian mothers for a piece of university research.

The study I'm conducting is about the support network that lesbian mothers use. For example support from friends and family, support from institutions such as schools, hospitals, face-to-face support groups and the support that they have found on-line in forums, chat rooms, informational websites etc.

I'm looking for any lesbians who have children to take part.

I'm going to be conducting e-mail interviews (basically an informal chat) which will involve a few starter questions so that I can make the main questions relevant to each participant, followed by a set of main questions with the possibility of a few later follow up questions.

So I need your help! If any of you happen to be lesbian parents or know anyone who is and would be willing to take part could you please let me know.
Feel free to reply here or email me at - [email protected]

Thanks for looking!
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