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Q. What is NAPC and How do I join?

A. The NAPC is the "National Association of Parents and
Caretakers" of children and adults with special needs. Whether you
are a caretaker or you have special needs yourself, this association
is for you and your rights to provide alternative therapies like
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Chelation Therapy, or any other therapy
which works better than what mainstream Medicine and drugs have to
offer. Insurance and Medicaid should pay for anything that works
better than what is offered. It is your right.

Q. What do I have to do, I have no time for anything else?

A. All you have to do is simply join. No membership fees,
nothing to fill out, no work or time-consuming expectations. We
simply need you as a member to show politicians and those who make
decisions that we have strength and voters who can make changes. We
need enough members to have an influence on decisions in Washington
when it come to providing healthcare solutions for our members.

The NAPC will be a non-profit membership organization. As a Parent,
Grandparent, or Caretaker or anyone who is supportative of someone
with special needs who may benefit from an alternative therapy which
is not recognized, you will be represented and you will be a part of
the process by just joining and being a member.

The NAPC will only be possible if you join. The NAPC can only help if
you are a part of it because you are the NAPC. If there is not
enough interest to turn this into a large membership organization with
some power, then the plans for the NAPC will be dropped. It will fail
because you were not willing to support it by simply becoming a
member. The power is in numbers. Children and adults with special
needs are not being represented by anyone who does not have a
self-promoting agenda. This will be your association, run by you and
the people you select as your leaders. But first we need you to
become a member. After the membership reaches 1000, we will begin to
select your leadership (by your vote online).

This may be the only chance you will ever have to have your own
organization so you will have a voice in the care of that special
needs child or adult you are responsible for. You are there voice and
they depend and rely on you to make their decisions.

To join the NAPC, simply go to the Yahoo group at

you can simply send a blank email from the email address you want
to use to
[email protected]

The success or failure of the NAPC is entirely dependant on you. Your
part is to simply join. If that is too much……………. Oh, well……..
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