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Relations between a wife and husband depend upon love to each other. This love includes love of relationship, love for care to each other, love for belonging to each other including natural sex relations. I have a question. Husbands kiss, embrace and huge their wives in love and it gives natural coolness to wives. Touching, kissing or playing with breasts also gives coolness and relief to nerves. My question is what is ethical values if a husband, may be for a while in love excitement, drinks even if a few drops of milk when it is the only right of the child and this milk only belongs to the child. What are the moral values or balanced views on this. My husband loves me very much, he loves our children more than me. When first child was born he did not do this but now on birth of second child he some time do it. Though it gives me pleasure but honestly I feel some discomfort.

I am an East European women and basically believe on freedom of women as is practicsed in Europe but there are some aspects which I do like what are practcised in this respest in India, Asia and Arab countries. Though in Europe it is claimed women in those Asian countries is a slave and is treated as a house maid which to some extent is right but I admire by way of experience I have been Indian women living while I was in Canada and Denmark that they are not treated as sex toys. They are given respect and for the family women’s respect males there dies fighting in protection of female respect.

I psted my above query on a local Europen board but the replies which came on that were too ugly and I felt myself vomiting. The most of the replies were that I have a body and over my body I have all the right how to use it. The second opinion was it does not matter if husbands tkes milk and the child as there is enough quantity in it. The comments said it is just human milk like other milk and when we take milk from cow we do not ask the bull if we can take it. I think this is most disgusting that a women’s body is a body and she can use it as she wishes. If this is the point then perhaps the commentators in Europe can use their body at their free will with their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers after all under same principle it is there body.

Though I am a western but thought of “my body” principle gives me vomiting. A women is not a bitch to whom every dog starts having sex though with consent. The best’s belief that love is a right of two persons which can be performed even in public and no body should have any objection is most disgusting. Seeing site http://anam.8m.com gives me vomiting how a civilized person of today can do this. East, India and Arab tradition in this regard is very fine and very respecting. They treat it as love and not as purely sex.

I think God has crated natural difference between a man a women. God has given birth of a baby to the women. Knowing a new born can not eat any other thing and needs only milk God gave two breasts for that purpose. In those breasts God gave milk. It naturally then means that milk is only and only for the new born Child and not for others. Is a women a goat that whosoever wish may take her breast in mouth and start drinking. I feel it dishonour to a women and her dignity.

I am aware that people in India or arab countries may not be that educated or liberal as like educated Europeans but they have some very good moral values. They take care of their women folk. If any clamity comes or war erupts they give first priority in savings their women folk or wives. A relation between a husband and wives is not just a slight to be divorced in a minute. If this stage comes even then the male and his family ties their best to get a compromise. A husband is mostly faithful to their wives and do not use “their bodies” as they wish. The wives also take care and sometime even cost of their death to save their respect in case of any sexual attack as they feel it is only their husband who has right over body.

Likewise I understand in India and Arab countries particularly in Jews and Muslims a marriages religiously gets broken if husbands gets milk as in that case the wife becomes to him as his mother. I am not sure but I am given to understand that in Indian Hindus also care much about this issue. This is not the question of thus a few drops of milk but sancity of motherly affectional relation.

I feel I cannot find correct answer to my puzzle from any European people but only from any Indias who have very rigid values in this regard. Indian people I am a little aware of are very high in moral character eg on issues of women in not treating them as sex machines, they respect and truly respects wives of their brothers, cusons and friends and do not use them as “body”, in case of disasters male do not run away to save themselves but to save women folk first but of course Indians and Asians speak lies, cheat etc which is another matter.

N.B As I wrote my above Note I read through internet that some Muslim scholar from Egypt University has quoted Islamic verses that one who drinks a female’s milk she becomes like his mother. I really loved this because its gives respect to a women. Thus it means in Islam a women is not just an animal or a sex toy whose body in whatever may a male could use as pleasure. I have heard and I have seen while I lived in Canada some Muslim women still taking hijab. I liked that. I am not Muslim. Originally I belong to South afria but my parents shifted to USA and settled there and I got brought up there. But I still feel morality much. I understand Jewish and Christian and one other big religion in India called Hinduism also have some moral values on this aspect. The lecture of Muslim scholar from Egypt university confirms my belief that my curiosity is not wrong. Will anybody tell me.
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