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I need legal advice. I've been searching for all kinds of family law because I'm concerned about the welfare of my fiance's son. He's leaving for Iraq in the beginning of '09. He and his ex have been fighting for custody of the child but couldn't come to an agreement about a parenting plan. The case has been dismissed but I feel as though my step-son is not safe. He was born two and a half months early and has had troubles with his little lungs for his whole life. His mother isn't necessarily abusive but she's very neglectful, going as far as taking him swimming in a river in the wintertime! He caught pneumonia at a year old and wouldn't even let my fiance go to visit his son. She's committed acts of domestic violence in front of her son, and there are police documents to prove that she's unstable and abusive. She's been in and out of juvenile hall for violent and drug-related offenses, and worst of all, she's pregnant again! She's 17 and she'll be caring for a newborn and a two year old. I've always questioned her ability to care for my step-son and now with this new child I'm afraid that she'll be even more neglectful to her son. I was hoping someone on here could tell me what to do next. My fiance is going to BCT within the next month for 8 weeks, AIT training for six months after that, and will only be home for four months before he's shipped out for a tour of duty in Iraq. I love this child and I want him to be safe, happy and loved. If anyone has ANY advice, please tell me!
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