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ok i am a 20 year old mother my fincee and i have been together for 4 years and i am really starting to feel like he dosent even want to be with me any more he spends all his time in the bedroom away from my daughter and me and my daughter is only one i dont know how to tell her why daddy isnt playing with her . help..
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Name: Hellsbells2580 | Date: Mar 11th, 2008 11:17 AM
u need to sit down with ur partner and talk about wat u want both together and seperatly from life then IF they aren't the same thing i'm afraid it's in ur daughters best interests to call it a day, from personal experiance ( i'm 27 with 2 kids from a previous relationship) if u stay together for her sake or because u dont wanna b on ur own then u will cause more damage to ur daughter and urself than u would do callin it a day, it will b hard to split but as long as both parties are willing to compromise on certain issues in relation to the child it should make things easier, and one other thing IF u do split and u arrange contact between urself DO NOT build ur daughter up that daddy is comin 2 see her in case he doesnt because that is the worst pain u can ever see or feel and u will only grow bitter at him. if u wanna talk e-mail me at [email protected] 

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