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Name: HannahMay
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im 13 yers old n i fink im pregnant but i ent sure, iv missed mi period bi a week n a half iv bin feelin sik i hav tender boobs n reli bad pains in mi belly i am not sure if im pregnant but im 2 scared 2 ask mi mum for a test can sum1 help me?
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Name: Lizzi | Date: Aug 16th, 2006 8:05 PM
You need to go to your mother now! I know you're scared but you should be seen by a doctor fast. And if you happen to NOT be pregnant afterall,it is still a good time to get some birthcontrol going! Please open up to your mom,it's important!!!!! 

Name: mommyboo | Date: Sep 18th, 2006 11:36 PM
Go to your school nurse right away...they will help you,.YOU need to find out a.s.a.p.And if you are you need to really think about what to do.If you need someone to talk to let me know.I was a teen mom.email me at [email protected] luck 

Name: rohanna | Date: Oct 4th, 2006 10:37 PM
girl i know the way you feel but it is better you tell her now than later . did you have sex ? with a boy who is mature if u did well u are pregnant you could take the test yourself .take the error prof test {ept} 

Name: pregnant at 15 | Date: Oct 20th, 2006 6:57 AM
Go to your mum, she will help you. She loves you and can help you make the right choice before it is too late. 

Name: Babygurl15 | Date: Nov 22nd, 2006 5:43 PM
go to a store where they dont know you nor your mother and buy a test there have you missed a peirod yes or no?anyway dont take the test untill you missed a peirod then take the test in the morning when you first pee because the hormones are stronger when you first pee and how old is the guy? 

Name: nani | Date: Jul 20th, 2007 10:46 PM
i would like to help you!!! im 13 to0o 

Name: lol | Date: Aug 3rd, 2007 11:19 PM
yeah ur pregnate.lmao ur screwed 

Name: a Parent | Date: Aug 4th, 2007 12:35 AM
why in the world would your parents let you go out with boys at 13, if you think you mite be pregnant that means yoe had intercoarce, if I were your mother I would take you to a doctor and when you got home if you are or not pregnant I would put you over my knee and spank your bottom, and I hope I don't find out who the boy is because I don' know what I would do. 

Name: jo | Date: Sep 2nd, 2007 8:18 PM
to parent, what a usfull peice of advice to a girl whos scared and wants your help god rub salt in the wound, what a modle parent you must be!! 

Name: pinktink16 | Date: Sep 3rd, 2007 9:28 PM
pregnancy tests arent expensive and go down to the nearest shop and buy one.. whether its negtive or positive think positive, good luck x 

Name: becci14 | Date: Sep 16th, 2007 1:50 PM
hi hannah u need to try and do this by urself if ur scared. im onli 14 my self but i knida knw how scared u r tryin to tell ur mom something is scary. try and work out ur dates that u last had sex work it out and get a pregnancy test u can get them cheap now.then when u have some answers maybe u should go for help things like that are completey confidential in some places ur mom wouldnt even have an idea just try not to show effection in front of her and im NOT sayin DONT tel your mom.im a teenager its ok for all these moms too say all this but as a kid i know how u feel chik im here for u if u need anyfink ..x good luck to ya ..x and next time think first also if u need to tel ur friends make sure u choose the right friend cuz u dnt want romas to start that would be the worst ..x 

Name: becci14 | Date: Sep 16th, 2007 1:55 PM
to parent u must be one verry bad 1 cuz if u was my mom and u tried to do that even thow i was in the wrong u wud get it this girl is scared and to any 1 who thinks my reply is wrong ur wrong u dont know how teenagers feel nowadays hannah if u need help get to me on [email protected]

Name: soda | Date: Sep 19th, 2007 8:29 AM
as scary as it seems its gonna get scarier if you try to do this alone. yeah shes probs gonna get angry n stuff but then she'll just be concerned..you are HER little baby girl afterall.....good luck and tell someone!!! xx 

Name: dawny18 | Date: Sep 19th, 2007 2:00 PM
hey luv i iwas pregnant wiv my son luke when i was 16, i no every pregnant is different but im gunna say summat, i missed my period by 2weeks but felt the same, i dint tav belly cramps most peeps dnt av pains wen preg bt sum do, i found out im pregnant again n im gettin cramps, my advice is go 2 ur docs cos its always confidential no matter what ur age is, if u r then u will av 2 tell ur mum if u need any moree advise just reply back xx 

Name: dawny18 | Date: Sep 19th, 2007 2:04 PM
to a parent and lol, u guys make me sick, im a young mum witth 1 on the way n i no how scary it can be, all ur doin is causing the girl more stress n if she is pregnant then u make it worse dont judge ppl rememba u all must av made sum bad move what made u scared! now leave the girl alone, i u dont have no advise then dont say a word, its as simple as that!!! 

Name: clshadrick | Date: Sep 26th, 2007 7:03 PM
you can go to planned parent hood. That can give you a test for 7 dollars. Oh, honey what were you thinking. Have you told this guy, please e-mail me at [email protected] I can help you. I'm a nurse. 

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