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he is driving me and my sister crazy because he needs to see his dad and is dad is a jack ass and finds ways not to see him but what he doesnt relize is when he doesnt my son acts out. hes also allergic to a lot so i need more things i could give him to eat. he can have wheat, dairy, soy, egg whites, cinimmon, tamatoe, and they say corn any thoughs?
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Name: mich | Date: Mar 18th, 2008 6:52 PM
I would tell him he either needs to see him on a regular basis or sign over his rights. At 2 he will be able to move on. It is harder to have a father they can't count on. About the allergies there is nothing you can do. Just be careful and read all ingredients. There is a such thing as allergy shots. I had them when I was a kid and it helped me. I don't know if he is old enough at 2 though. They also have other allergy medicines that the doctor can put them on. You should just ask your doctor what your options are.


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