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im 12 and feel like im gay, but i also am into girls. am i old enough to know? im very confused and if i am gay then who should i talk to about it and when is the right time?
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Name: none | Date: Aug 10th, 2007 4:20 AM
and also, all of my friends are straight, i have a girlfriend. and if anyone knew i was gay, my life would be over. its hard 2 live with, ive been feeling like this for ALONG time 

Name: fourtennwithtwins | Date: Aug 10th, 2007 5:04 AM
well its okayy for you to have uncertain feelings..if that is what you are then thats it. If your parents dont approve..then screw them..its what you wanna be..not them! So go with your instinct...be who you wanna be..if you wanna talk go ahead and add me to msn
[email protected]

I would be more then happy to talk to you:D 

Name: wzdom | Date: Nov 15th, 2007 3:37 AM
It is a very common thing to have same sex attraction at this age, it doesn't mean your gay. Most heterosexual men have had this curiousity when the hormones kick in, with curiousity starting at a young age, some even act on it, then go on to have wonderful heterosexual relationships in adulthood. Keep in mind however that if you act on it, you're more inclined for that behaviour, as that is how the brain works and develops. And it is a very difficult lifestyle.
There are those that believe that same sex attraction is something a person is born with, but science is still out on that claim. No one has been able to prove that, so it is not considered fact, however possible it may be. So remember that just because you have the curiousity right now does not mean that you were 'born homosexual'. Many times it is a choice.
Just be sure if you make that choice that you are willing to deal with the consequences for a lifetime.

Your best bet is probably to wait it out, and not make any determination on your sexual preferences until you are ready to deal with all the responsibilities that come with sex, hetero and homosexual. That only makes sense doesn't it? You wouldn't drive a car until you were able to deal with the responsibility of the consequences of such action, right? Your sexual choices have even more life effecting responsibilities, and should deserve at least that much caution. 

Name: emma lee | Date: Dec 5th, 2007 12:57 PM
lots of gay adults remember bak wen they were kids and say that they knew from an early age (7,8,9) that they were attracted to the same sex. Just be yourself and dont stress, but dont tell family/friends untill you feel ready...perhaps ready for the way they might react.(which may not be positive)....

The person who wrote the last msg had a point when they said that its normal at your age for kids to be same sex attracted..its probably better not to act on your feelings until you are older and know for sure how you feel... ....sexuality is something we all learn and discover about ourselves as we grow up and older....Just try to feel ok about yourself - you have heaps and heaps of time to figure out who exactly you are.
I think it would do you good to pick your friends carefully though and not try talking to them about it as ppl this age can easily turn on you and make your life hell
u could ask mum/dad for some time with a councillor (say your having personal problems you cant talk to them about it) , or consider confiding in someone close to u. But before you do - test the water first ...perhaps say to mum/dad/uncle ect...."i think one of my mates is gay, what do u think about that" . This wil help you get an idea about what they think first.
When you are older life will be alot easier when you have come to terms with who u are (gay/straight/bisexual ) until then , hang in kido and dont stress about something that will take alot of time to sort out. You have heaps and heaps of time to sort it all out.....:-)
The title was "im not sure what to do"
my answer is "dont do anything ...wait till you are older to act on your feelings, and seek help from a councillor / family member if you need to"
,,,,,im like an ausi and here we have a kids help line, i hope you have something like that where you are because that could really help (telephone councilling and it is free to call.
good luck :-) 

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