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newly married (both 27 yrs old never married)and new step mom (girl age 8)....help!!!! i am overwhelmed. Its harder than I thought. I love my husband and stepdaughter so much but wow...Im worn out. Dont get me wrong they are both so great and the real mom is cool too but its just s much change. I try to be a good wife and a good step mom and at the same time work and try to maintain my sanity. Plus we are so poor and so much money goes to child support, kid health ins, dance stuff. We also get her every weekend too! He works nights an his days off are wed and thurs. Mine are sat and sun. so i am pretty much on my own with her every weekend. I feel like I work 7 days a week with no break. On his days off he is at home alone and free to relax. I have had to get a second job because we are broke. We have only been married 4 months :( I feel stressed, over worked, over looked and unappreciated. They are both so great and so nice that i feel so ashamed of how I feel that i just bottle it up. I dont regret getting married but geeezzzzzzz i was never this broke, stressed or this emotional when i was single. HELP!!!!!!!!
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