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Im 16 years old i went out partyin with some friends and well actually i threw a party and we got drunk and snortted some shit but a guy i liked came to my party and i ended up makin out with him and shit and then my ride and place to stay bailed on me so he told me i could go home n stay the nite with him and ill be ok that he will take care of me.. so i we hung with friends held hands and made out around 2am we went to his place and we crawled in bed me and him in his bed.. our friend on the floor and his 14yr old lil bro in the bed next to us.. we started makin out hardcore and he told me he liked me and asked me if im down to have sex cuz i was makin him horny and i was like yeah cuz i was too and i wanted to and hes like ok i dont have condoms but if u get pregnant ill take care of u and the baby and ill pay child support anything ok and im like yeah im on birth control so we dont need to trip and hes like still shit happends u know.. so we did it and shit but we didnt go for long cuz his lil bro woke up but now im worried cuz i lost my birth control at the party and the last time i took it was friday morning and we had sex saturday morning and now its sunday and i still havent taken it and now im kinda worried like my stomach feels a lil weird but idk im gettin a refill of birth controll monday should i start it? i mean idk im confussed i was suppose to start my period today and i didnt start it and theres no signs of it startin.. wat do i do? do i sit here and wait or do i take my birth control monday or wat cuz if i do end up pregnant i want to keep the baby and so does he. i mean i want to be pregnant but at the same time im scared.. wat should i do e-mail me please cuz idk if i can get on here much with out my parents seein my e-mail is [email protected] thanks
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Name: cjsims | Date: Apr 29th, 2008 7:34 PM
Did you even know this guy? What ended up happening? 

Name: mich | Date: May 1st, 2008 3:24 AM
so are you pregnant? 

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