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im 31 male and im looking for a young healthy woman between 18-25 to have a child with.i am not against co-parenting as long as their is a legal joint custody and both parties are involved in the childs life.if you are wanting a child without the hassles of relationships and just want to be friends with the father thats great,we can discuss other terms later.i am located in maine so you must travel because i will go no further then N.H email me ok im at [email protected]. this is a great oppurtunity for the right girl!
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Name: surrogatemotherfamilly | Date: Jun 18th, 2010 2:34 PM
Observing the difficulties which exist in the obtaining of a child on my continent my wife had the idea of created surrogate mother's association. She died three years ago and I am now chargeable to this association.
We are serious and our women do not ask much.
For more precision you can join(contact) us to these numbers.
Try we and shall not be disappointed to you.
For more informations u have to mail us at
[email protected] 

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