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My name is Tiffany and i have plaved a add on here before and got many responces, but do to my weight no one can work with me. i am 5/5 240lbs, brown hair, hazel green eyes. yes my weight is a little high due to when i am on birth control i always gain instead of lose. i would never offer myself if i thought i wasnt healthy enough, but if theres any IP's out there that are still in need of a TS or GS, i am drug free, smoke free, and clean and clear. i have three beautiful children of my own but im not looking to add to my family i just want the joy of child birth again. i am willing to travel and will work with the IP on compensation due to the fact that i dont have insurance. i am willing to work with all coulpes. if you have any other questions please fell free to ask
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Name: tiffanylp | Date: May 13th, 2008 7:04 PM
please email me if you want to know more at [email protected] 

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