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Are there any multi-parent families out there that are not a result of divorce but rather planned? Any combination of moms and dads?

How is it working and why did you come to this choice for raising your children?
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Name: connie | Date: Sep 15th, 2006 8:14 PM
im not sure if i compleatly understand your question. my partner and i are co parenting a very planned family and its working very well, but if your asking about people who have had babies with other couples (i.e. gay couple and a lesbian couple "combine resources" to have a child) we have a friend who carried a child as a surragte for a gay couple and while the men are the childs primary parents, she lives with them is cared for by them etc, at 8 years old she also has a good relationship with her mother, alltho they dont see each other on a very regular basis. 

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