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I have two adult children from a previous marriage and have 2 adult step sons. The problem is my daughter who is 31 and has just become a mother herself. She is a single Mum and needs my help with her son, my first grandson. She has being staying the odd nights with us or I go to her place to help her. Mt husband doesnt like this and feels when she is at our place he feels like an intruder and doesnt talk to her. She can sense he doesnt like her and it makes her feel unwelcome. I have spoken to him about it that she needs help but he feels she should never had had this baby and she should be coping on her own. She just needs help and I am her Mum and want to help her. I cant leave her to manage a newborn by herself. He just doesnt understand and it is hard at home. My daughter and I are also the best of friends. My husband gets on well with his boys and they lived with us for nine years, we have been married for 10. I dont know why he cant help and support me and my daughter at this time. It is making me resent him. I do try and give him attention when my daughter is staying or comes over for the afternoon. I will not turn away from my daughter or grandson but dont want the friction at home. Any advise on how to handle the situation or why is he acting this way. He has always felt this way about her even before she became pregnant. She owns her own home but stayed with us for 6 months until she bought her place. He felt left out then too and made it hard for me while she was there by being distant. Any advise place.
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