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I had twins three years ago, before I met my husband. So basically they are not his and his mother has held a grudge against me and them ever since, or at least until we had a baby together, now she loves me and Alida but the problem remains that she doesn't treat the twins the same way. I feel bad because Alida doesn't just have a grandmother she has the whole side of his family where as the twins just have me and James. My family lives in Poland and I feel so bad and angry at her. They don't know that he's not their dad, and as far as he and I are concerned he is their dad.

Who thinks it's me being stupid? or am I right that she should be treating children that her son sees as his the same way she treats his biological child?
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Name: Dee | Date: Feb 8th, 2008 9:34 PM
You and James give them all the love they need. Alida's grandmother has unresolved issues and needs to learn to love everyone especially children because they are innocent. Leave it up to God, she will come around. 

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