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My husband and I married a few years ago. We have a two year old now. My husband had a one night stand with this woman and got pregnant. The mother didn't want my huband involved at all alothough she would take the child to my husband parents house all the time. Now that my husband and I are married and with a child she moved into our town and neighborhood. Now she expects to be included on every family event of my hubands family. She wants to come to my daughters birthday party. Is it ok if I just want my step son there and not her? Is it wrong of me to not want her around all the time?
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Name: og217 | Date: Mar 4th, 2008 7:56 PM
Um, some slut your husband used to f-ck wants to come to family functions and you don't want her to, and you want to know if that's ok? Um, hello! 

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