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OK. So I'm 21 and my son is almost three and diagnosed with autism. He is very smart and has a huge vocabulary.. the most problem he has is behavior.. he does not share at all he lives with his cousin as well so its a constant fight between them too and my nephew is 2. Anyways, I sometimes think he could have something else wrong with him since the most problem he has is behavior and meltdowns. I love him to death but recently I left him with my mom I feel terrible but I was so drained and I feel like I can't deal with the stress and always trying to help him calm down and tear him away from his cousin when he would attack him for a toy and it was to much I feel like a shitty mom for leaving but I will always visit him. I sometimes wonder if I was to young when I had him and his dad wanted nothing to do with us.. idk I'm ranting now.. but my son also stutters when he is really serious to tell you something and my mom said she took him to a specialist and she said he don't have autism he needs speech therapy but then the pediatrician diagnosed him with autism.. idk what to think... so I have a question if I have another kid with a different guy would that kid be autistic?
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Name: Edwardliu | Date: Dec 17th, 2012 5:18 PM
He is only three and he has a huge vocabulary. That is very good. When our kid is little, they don't understand share. Just more and more practices for him and he will learn from it. So behavior control is very important to do. When he grows bigger, he will know how to share. 

Name: James Malan | Date: Dec 21st, 2012 12:42 AM
Sounds pretty overwhelming, As far as the chances that another child would have autism, there is an increased likelyhood from anywhere between 4% and 25% (that percentage varies alot on the geneder depending on the studies. Most of the studies were done with the same mother and father however. As far as the diagnosis goes, I think it's the wrong thing to focus on. Diagnosis are mostly for funding and insurance. i.e. if you have this you can get this treatment but not that etc. From a treatment stand point it doesn't change the approach. To work on the sharing Have you ever tried sitting down and doing a sharing program? or Are you just intervening when they struggle? 

Name: Anuna | Date: Dec 26th, 2012 11:18 AM
Hi! I think you are too freaked out to get into a conclusion so early. All the characteristics that you have mentioned about your son seems to be very normal. If you are so concerned, you can very well go for behavioral observation to confirm about Autism. Regarding the speech therapy, you can get him an ipad app like Avaz(www.avazapp.com), which would help him build his communication. God bless your child! Don't loose hopes. 

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