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i have only 1child 4years old but he doesn't communicate with me at all.i talk with him but he talking some other thing(about the story in the story book) or about spongebob using only 2word..
i feel lonely but i aimed him to answer to me.
how to make him take part in my communication. we have communication error. pls guide me.
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Name: nicmcleod1981 | Date: Nov 15th, 2011 8:02 PM
Hi I am new to the forum well today is actually my first day. I came across your post and you totally reminded me of myself when I first experienced these problems with my son.
My son Jacob is 4 and the beginning of this year his teacher during a Parent Teacher conference informed us of some concerns. They were the same concerns we had. We just figured he was going to grow out of it.
Well anyways,
they referred us to a place called Child Find. I dont know where you live but every state should have a child find. You can probably find them through the public school system.
When we took my son to the first Child Find evaluation I remember watching my son going through these gross motor, speech ect evaluations and I could not stop crying. Jacob didnt really participate and I know he is smarted than that.
After that first meeting then came three more meetings. One with a social worker, a speech therapist and a child psychologist. These meetings were done in my home which allowed my son to feel more comfortable. They were all very nice and they didnt bunbard him with test. They waited for him to feel comfortable to talk to them and they pretty much asked us most of the questions. Basically about his whole life since birth. They wanted to know about his milestone achievments, his characteristics, tempermant, ect.
Once all the evaluations were done the last meeting was to decide if he qualified for special needs therapy which he did. We had to do something called an IEP with the school. So now my son goes to a public pre-K class and he gets physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy and regular pre-k stuff.
Since he started that I have noticed a lot of changes in him. Its still challenging everyday especially with disipline, but he has made so many improvments. He talks more and I can understand him more. He use to talk in his own jargon and he doesn't do that much.
We are currently awaiting for the National Children Medical Center Autism Spectrum Disorder to call us so we can schedule an appointment with them to get more help.
Well I know Ive written a lot but I hope some of it helps. Just know you are not alone.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Take Care.

nic mcleod 

Name: Edwardliu | Date: Nov 17th, 2011 11:03 AM
The basic point is that he did not understand what you said. He only repeat the story he liked. If you try to ask the question about who is in the story? where does the story happens? Or what happens first, next? Does he had any idea?
Go to do the assignment. some autism children could repeat the whole story easily or repeat the topic they like. I remember my son did it about three and a half years old.
My son will turn five after two weeks. He is autism. He could speak everything now. Answer the who, why, where, what happen question. He can talk a lot of topic now. His language is still behind in reading comprehension. He will go to normal kindergarten after two months.
Try to help your son as soon as possible. 

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