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I live in small town, USA and there are no real autism services where we live. My son is going into kindergarden and has moderate autism, and the school is requesting we place him in a neighboring school that has an autism class. However, he will be in this classroom with five other autistic children, another kindergardener, a first grader and two fourth graders, and the kicker is I am not allowed at any time in the classroom nor am I allowed to know the severity of the other children in the class. Now, my son is not aggressive, thankfully, but how do I know if the other children are and a fourth grader is much larger than my little guy. Keeping him in his current school doesnt seem to be any better, they feel he would be on sensory overload because of the large classes and they say their teachers dont have the training the other schools teacher and aid have. So we've made the decision to move, for the sake of our son. Now my question is does anyone have a great school their child attends, and feel the services are on point. Please tell me about your school, where its located and if there is a tuition fee, ect.... Thank you everyone and I wish all the best to you and yours.
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Name: flaminjo | Date: Jun 8th, 2009 5:58 AM
I googled it and found this organisation in massachusetts , http://www.scecoll.org/.It provides especial education service through local schools.i think if you contact them they will be able to help you out.

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Name: dalia_in_nevada | Date: Jun 18th, 2009 4:40 AM
I am writing you this letter in the hopes of some desperate
assistance in Nevada. I have a young Autistic adult son,
19yrs old, ( Vincent Ortiz ). I understand the dilema you are going thru.
You are not alone. I will be happy to talk to you any time, if anything
just to listen and support each other.
I will make this brief and to the point.
I am a single mom working many
hrs 7 days a week, savings is now gone in an attempt to pay
on my own for caregivers.
My son has severe "episodes" at which he can bite/scratch/pull hair or
all of the above. These behaviors all began over the last couple of
years and are progressively getting worse.He is 5 foot 10 185 pounds.
I am 5 foot 2. I can not restrain him when he attacks.
I desperately need HELP now.
There are NO group homes or facilities who take children and/or young
adults w/ Autism here in Nevada. The state treats Autism like it is a dirty word.
I am in fear for the safety of myself and my daughter as we have been
attacked a cpl times now without a caregiver here full time.
I was thinking there are several folks in the same dilema as myself
here in Nevada as well as across the country..
I would like to know if you could :
1.) assist with helping me open a
RANCH FOR AUTISM here in Nevada. Pahrump still has land low
priced and it's far enough out that folks who don't understand Autism
will feel comfy, yet it is close enough for medical needs.
I know exactly what these children need to make their life
complete and busy with a scheduled routine and space to roam.
I know that I could sucessfully provide the care and know how to
make it a wonderful structured environment for the children.

For instance:
an equestrian area
music program
arts n crafts
a green house
pool / spa
sand box
walking paths

2.) help / steer / assist me w/ getting some families
together that are looking for longterm placement for their
young adults where they will be loved and cared for as if we were there
ourselves. Home-like environment with plenty of activities to keep them
busy and fulfilled. We need 20 committed families that have a young adult
who needs the special care and guidance the Ranch for Autism will provide.
We all know as parents we can not be there forever for our loved ones.
I know I do not want my son to be institutionalized when I can't be there
for him any longer. Of course our children can have visits ( home or on site)
anytime. You may have the connections, knowledge to get this request
completed. You may know someone with acreage ( we need approx. 50 acres )
that needs a tax write-off, or a family member willing to donate.
Maybe help get a fundraiser, some attorney's, doctors, wealthy
folks. Get the community involved! I have faith in you. Together we can pull
all resources and do this.
I currently have an investor to meet/match up to $800K, which is about
1/3 of what we need to reach our goals.
Please contact me with any contacts / ideas that you may have.
God Bless!

Delia Power
360 Yacht Ave
Henderson NV 89012
[email protected] 

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