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I am an older sibling (29 yr. old female) of two awesome twin brothers, Matthew and Michael. The boys were born when I was 12 years old and Matthew was diagnosed with autism. My family rallied together and, I discovered at a very early age how to efficiently assist children with disabilities (Matt being extremely low-functioning on the spectrum).

Being the oldest child in our family, my mother had me assisting Behavioral Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Speech therapists (Matthew does not talk, he communicates through Pics), and Respite caregivers...although it could be difficult at times, I loved it!

Although I don't have a degree, I am experienced in working with my brother and, many other families of children with autism (I assisted my mother in providing at-home-services of children with disabilities).

I have experience in Discreet Trial Training, and, ABA, under the direction of a CBA.

I am currently working on my AA degree and, am available to assist families of children with autism in Maryland. I moved here from San Francisco, California and am unfamiliar with where to find resources of families in need (I live in Kingsville - located near White Marsh and Bel Air - Baltimore/Harford County line).

Advice or resources would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Kate W.
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