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My son was fairly advanced at 15 to 18 months of age he spoke 50+ words, he knew body parts, etc. Around 18 months he had a fairly bad ear infection and began to regress. We took him in again at 21 months and the doctor didn't seem concerned, stating that we should keep an eye on it as it may mean he is autistic, but his hearing is fine.

He will be 2 in two weeks and now he is back to speaking in "jargon" and only says maybe about a dozen words (understandable, but not articulated well). Only a few words, like "yes" are clear everything else seems to be a jumble.

He has been having problems recently (overly agressive with the kids) at daycare. This is his sixth week there and before that he was cared for by my wife and his grandmother.

Does this sound like a problem that anyone else has had and diagnosed as autism? The daycare provider seems to think he is autistic. I have scheduled an appointment with his doctor this week and my wife has been in contact with the school district's Early On group in order to get someone to help. I just thought that someone could provide some answers? Thanks.
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