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I have been told all three about my little boy. He is 3 1/2 years old and didn't talk much till 3, now talks in full sentences but not very good at conversation. He does understand everything we say. He loves playing with other kids and is happy to go to daycay. He plays with toys normally, checks if people are ok if they get hurt. He is very advanced physically and is tall for his age. He does push a lot when with children but has improved in that area. (plays rough but not mean). Eye contact is average. He does answer questions but with very short answers. He knows his ABC can count to 20 and can write his own name (kinda lol). I don't want him being labeled if he doesn't need to be but am worried that if he does have a problem what do I need to be doing. I have him in childcare 1 day a week (with a early intervention aid) I take him to Pre-kinda class and music classes, swimming lesson each week, he has had speech help.
So my questions are - do you think he has one of these and which one? If yes what does that mean for his future?

Thanks I am stressed, I just want the best for him.
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