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Hello...would really like advice. My 26 month old is awaiting a diagnosis for autism but we are certain he is displaying characteristics. We have started to implement ABA and this past week decided to try out a dairy free diet. Ryley had Diarrhea the day before we began but it had subsided. Two days in on dairy substitues and the diarreah returned. He has since had it every day. Then 4 days in a sort of reflux started; heaving and burping all the time. He has now began to vomit food back up. Let me add that we had no bowel issues before this. It was simply to try and see if any of the behavours would improve. Is it possible that he is having an adverse affect to non dairy products?!! Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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Name: tangerine75 | Date: Feb 6th, 2012 4:24 AM
My son alsi never had any bowel problems till I put him on the diet. But on the other hand he did. All our kids have digestive issues. He is still young and I am only going on my own experience but my sons issues started getting worse about that age. You are doing the right thing by trying everything u can. My son did well with silk almond milk vanilla flavor. Anything chocolate gave him diarrhea. I didn't notice much difference in him cutting the casein but gluten I noticed right away. Find a real DAN dr.! Biomedical. Maybe can help. 

Name: skatergirl | Date: Feb 8th, 2012 2:47 AM
Iīve never heard of adverse affects but you should ask a doctor or a nutritionist about that.
You should also cut out sugar and glutein (if you can - it can take a lot of effort to do that and most people simply donīt have time for that).

Good luck! 

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