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Thanks for reading my message.
I have a gorgeous baby son Jamie who is nearly 7 months.
At the moment I am very concerned that he might have "early signs" of autism.

If you know of Autistic babies or children and how they behaved at 6 or 7 months, I'd love your feedback on what were the early signs of autism as I know most are diagnosed at 1.5 years or 2 or even 3 to 4 years....not as babies of 7 months.

These are the things I have noticed that Jamie does which are a bit odd -
He makes are err err err err noise frequently and repetitively....mainly when seems bored or slightly discontent this was one of the first things I noticed that I thought was not quite right. Have not heard this from any other baby in my entourage.

Arm flapping - when he is excited. Right arm goes up and down also hitting stuff.
Also leg straightens and bends, straight and back, straight and back - both these things seemed cute till I realised they might be autism and this is my first baby so not sure what normal would be.

Makes odd freezing movements where his whole body goes stuff.. arms straight down side, legs straigh out.. like he is stretching out.. making a sound like he is going to toilet. ...but I check his nappy and he hasn't. Does this more when tired.

Always makes a brushing movement with right arm when he has something in his mouth. He brushes right hand onto the object in mouth. VERY repetitive.
Sometime makes a wahsing motion with his fists sort of brushing them together. The brushing and washing motion happen often...all through out day on and off.

Head shaking from side to side - looks really weird. Not a normal shake ie like a baby copying an adult..
fast, his eyes look up in air. More often when tired but did it first thing this morning too.

No babbling yet. high ptiched squeals, err errr sounds.

Just in last few days I have noticed high pitched squeals, where I thought at just on 7 months he should be happy babbling.

This morning for the first time and another time today I noticed an ODD tongue click thing..

Not always answering to name, but answers strangers or people he does not know very well more than me.
I can shout his name and he barely or does not acknowledge or look at me at all.
Although he sometimes turns head and looks at me. So I do get some eye contact here and there.

I must say he has always been a smiley baby even more so than other babies... maybe this has gotten less and less lately but he still does smile and smiles at strangers especially. On the train in the cafe. He makes peoples day and they are say how cute he is.

He is sitting up on own when put down.
reaching for things.
CAn roll over both ways.
pass things from hand to hand.

Not crawling yet.

I think he is normally social with other babies but gets excited and arm flaps when he sees older babies and toddlers but next time I am with other babies I will watch how social and interested he is.

If anyone can give me feedback on early signs that would be great. Or perhaps did you notice the same things in your 6 or 7 month old baby and was later diagnosed with autism.

I am hoping and praying that it is not autism.
I have had the 6 week, 4 month and 6 month vaccine. His 4 months was awful he cried and got a fever.
I did drink a bit in pregnancy before i knew I was pregnant. Found out at 22 weeks - did not show or feel sick before than (and I am slim too) haha LOL
He had amoxicylan antibicots a few weeks ago when he had a cold.
He had oxygen and antibiotics briefly as a newborn in hospital as they thought he might have an infection.
He had jaundice and nearly had to have light therapy but they decided he was ok and could go home. Was very Yellow for a good while though.

I am feeling guilty about something i DID do or didn't do....

Thank you in advance for your replies
Sharon from Australia.
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Name: SHARON | Date: May 13th, 2010 12:44 AM
hmmm not a well populated board... Still no reply :( 

Name: dwwittman | Date: May 15th, 2010 12:07 AM
It is probably a little too soon to tell. My son, Tre, did everything typical until about 9-12 months. He didn't wave, point, or have any words. Tre stopped paying attention to people and would throw huge fits at about 12 months. My cousins little boy is typical and flaps his arms when he is excited. So, it is hard to really say because he is so young. Just keep an eye on him. Autistic kids digress and my son did within months, so if he is autistic then you should be able to tell soon. Tre didn't start therapy until 1.5 and was diagnosed with autism at 2.5. It is hard to really know until it is obvious. It is good that you are being cautious.

And stop feeling guilty for what you did or didn't do. I drank and smoked until I found out I was prego at 9 weeks. I was enduced and had to have a c-section. Tre has always had vaccines, I don't think they cause autism. If they did I would rather him be autistic then die from a disease that I could have provented with a shot. Life is too short to feel guilty. It is what it is and you can't change it, so just let it go. I had huge issues with feeling guilty.

I hope that I helped you a little bit. It is hard to find help or people who understand what is like to have an autistic child. I know that I am always searching for help. :) 

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