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My 19 month old is Gifted and Talented. She has been reading at a third grade level for the last few months and started talking at 4 months. She started showing some really serious signs of Autism. I worked for years in a school that functioned as a diagnostic center so...I couldn't ignore the signs you know?

I just feel like I have a million paths to choose between and I don't know which one is the right one. So many of the ones that seem to be helping people are expensive..THOUSANDS of dollars that we don't have.

I read one medical journal...it says one thing... I read another medical journal/study and it completely argues with the first one and so on. Why can't everyone just put their heads together and figure this out?!?!?!?!?

I took the first step on my own and tried removing Gluten from her diet....within 24 hours I started seeing a difference.

Now I have a child who wants food all the time..can't get enough...cant get it fast enough and this makes me feel so awful!

I am still nursing her once to twice a day and have cut gluten out of my diet as well so that I can empathize with how she feels.

I just need to hear that I am not alone...maybe get a pep talk from another parent who is going through it!
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