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First I'd like to introduce myself. Well my name is Angel, I live in Northern KY and I am THE BABYSITTER when you have a child with autism or any other special needs. I've worked at a Rehabilitation Center for children with special needs with ages K-21. I've dealt with every type of behavior you can come up with or anything you can think of I have seen it, and I have dealt with it. My first comment to tell you as a parent is to BREATHE!! I have found that every parent thinks their child's behavior's are the worst, I am here to tell you they are not. I have had kids kick, bite, punch, pull my hair out, throw objects at me including bookshelves, trays of food, I've had kids that like to stay in their birthday suits and get naked all the time, I've seen kids eat their own BM, I've seen kids smear it all over the place, you name is nothing suprises or scares me. I know there is a scarce amount of returning babysitters around for you parent's of children with special needs. But there is help . Many times you can get quite lucky and get funding to choose the respite provider of your choice, and so on. The biggest thing for parents is knowing what is out there. I currently just work for myself providing care for children with special needs and their siblings. Not only this but I also am a major in Special Education K-12 and Elementary Education. I am the top babysitter in the Northern KY area when you have a child with special needs. So if you have any questions let me know. Or if you live in the area and need a sitter I have many references.
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Name: nads | Date: Mar 10th, 2009 10:00 PM
hi i am looking for a baby sitter for my autistic twin boys. 

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