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Hi, My 15 yo son is high functioning Autistic. He has lived with his mum for the last 13 years. His behaviour has been violent to the point he has been sent to live with me. Since living here we have not seen any anger outburts, no bad behaviour. School is happy with his behaviour and performance - he is like a different kid. We treat him like a teenager and allow him some freedoms that come with his age like internet access, mobile phone, being allowed to hang out with frineds or just be in his room listening to music. We encourage him to try new things. He has not had any trouble settling in at all. At his mums he had a younger sister who had to help watch out for him, was supervised on the internet, no mobile phone. taken from one specialist to the next to the next, constantly being told he can't do things because of his autism ...the list goes on. She does not like the way we are trying to care for him and is demanding him to be sent home. Can the way he is now being treated explain this dramatic change in behaviour?
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