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I have been a parent that has looked into every new study and I have come to the conclusion that autism is purely genetic. If there was an honest to God cure it would be all over the news, right now! It would seem to me that there are many specialists out there who prey on desperate parents who only want to help their child. This is despicable and, frankly, makes me physically ill.
All the special diets cost an arm and a leg and produced no results for my son. They can all go to... somewhere not so nice.
Everyone I know likes to tell me ," there is a special on about a "cure" for autism." or " there is going to be something about autism on the news." I understand they care for my son but honestly I know that there is no cure all miracle and all those drug or diet companies can stop promising a miracle. They are parasites.
Anyway.....anyone feel the same way?
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