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I beleive my son has Ausperger's Syndrome. He has all the classic signs that I have read about (he is almost 5, speaks like a grown man, no social skills, can't make friends his own age, sensitive to sounds and lights, and is very obsessive with the few things he likes) and his pediatrician agrees that he may have this. So, she referred us to a specialist group in Atlanta called the Marcus Institure and we were told to get an appt. with a developmental pediatricain there. That was in August. Since that time I have talked to my ins. company about coverage and they keep trying to pawn me off on the mental health company. Both companies think that its the other one's job to pay for it, so I will just pay it myself and then file a claim. But I can't seem to get an appt!! I call the main number, tell them what I want (an appt with a dev. ped) and everytime I am transferred to a different person's voicemail. I have left over 10 messages so far. I finally got a call back 2 weeks ago and the lady asked questions about my son and I told her I had a referral already. She said an intake specialist would call me back in a week - no such luck. Is this normal? How did you get your child diagnosed? Is it always going to be this hard to get him the treatment he needs? I was told there are only 2 places I can go to in Atlanta for this type of thing, so I am lost at what else I could do. I thought the referral would get me right in...HELP!
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Name: lisa | Date: Dec 5th, 2005 2:18 PM
i to was referred to a developmental specialist for my daughter. i did not go that route because of insurance issues and waiting so long for appts. i was referred to a neuropsychologist that has been working with asbergers/autistics for over 20 yrs. that is where my daughter was tested and diagnosed. maybe you can try that route. insurance tends to cover this kind of testing due it being in the behavioral / psychological end of medicine. my daughters ADD testing was mostly covered the same way. good luck. try looking for a neuropyschologist in your area or ask your pedicatrician if they can recommend someone. 

Name: Juliet | Date: Dec 6th, 2005 2:48 AM
Thanks for the advice Lisa!! 

Name: andrea | Date: Jan 25th, 2006 4:39 PM
I have a son who is add,mild retardation and ?asperger. I had the same troubles. be patient and persistent!! The system needs to change. We live in the cincinnati area and. there is a bout a 2 month wait to get in with a psychiatrist or therapist. We recently adopted a 10 year old boy. He was in residential psychiatric treatment for 6 months before he moved in with us.
We were left to arrange his followup and find therapy. We had to beg our family doctor for prescription for his meds because we ran out because it took so long to get into see a psychiatrist.
Good luck. 

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