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I raised my grandson until Nov. 2011. I was no longer physically or emotionally capable of providing a safe clean environment for my grandson who was physically larger than me. I brought my grandson to my home, which was his, on Saturday. He has VCR tapes, a player, his computer and his room here. The group home said that he could visit for the day, but that he could not stay overnight. I explained that to him when we left the group home and he indicated that he understood. He says yes and no. We had a wonderful day Saturday, and he was good about getting in the car to go to the group home, but he started to cry as we got nearer to it. I again explained that he could not stay overnight this time, and when we reached the group home he went in, laid down on the couch and told me "Bye, Bye" abruptly. I don't know how much he understands, but I haven't stopped loving him or worrying about him. I feel bad that I am no longer able to provide the continual hands on care, and spend too much time sulking about it. If anyone understands what goes on in the mind of a12 yr. old non-verbal autistic boy, please let me know.
Grandma Karen
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Name: morethanblondie | Date: Mar 18th, 2013 10:46 PM
I cant begin to try to tell u I can understand what goes on in my 12 yo sons mind, but your words touched my heart. to put it bluntly, I bet he was mad at you, that's all. I find Dillon expresses his feelings in a very direct mannor and wants you to know when he is mad at you, it really sounds like something he would say, to dismiss me. Hang in there, Karen, you are never alone. : ) 

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