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Hello, I am a mom of a wonderul 3 year old daugher; at age 2, she was diagnosed with a mild speech delay, and no one seemed to concerned at the time...Now at the age of 3, she only talk using 2-3 word phrases, but only wanting something? She is not good in social sitations and tends to shut down if there is to much stimulation going on around her...The Doc was concerned cause she flaps her hands alot and does this weird movement with her fingers: hard to explain...She went to one evulation, most for speech and langage, but they think she either has Asbergers or high funtioning autism; she will be going to Childrens next month to get a correct diagnosis? My daughter is very brilliant in certain areas, like academics, problem solving and knew her numbers and letters before age 2..She loves books and can focus on them for long periods of time and attempts to sound out the letters in her books, but completely lacks in other areas of development, mostly social and speech? She cannot handle to much stimulation around her and seems to get fixated on one thing, mostly in an environment she is not familiar with? At home she has multiple interest, but seems to loves trains the most; Thomas the Train is her favorite? Is is common for an autistic child to be really smart in academics, but not in social? Still don't know if they are going to diagnose it as Asbergers or Autism, but will know more in a month? Any advie would be helpful..thank you
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