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my daughter is 4 she has high functioning autism.. we had the perfect routine and she was so well behaved with just the odd tantrum. now all of a sudden she wont sleep at nite she just wants 2 b naked all the time keeps attacking me (biting, slapping) throwin herself on the floor when we are out. i kno its normal but at the moment it seems constant and i feel like im losing control of everything im only 21 and a single mum 2 her.. her dad is very involved but we dont seem to be getting help from anyone she has a speech once a week n autism specialist who she sees every 6 months but that is it, is there anyone else i should contact to get some support and advice? i also joined this site for advice any given would be appreciated. also my daughter is still in nappies i keep trying with the toilet but she doesnt want to do anything on it.. im very worried for the future of my daughter if i cant get some control back because at the moment she is definatly in charge.. thanks
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Name: fivebucks | Date: Feb 21st, 2010 4:16 PM
Hi am a mother of 5 children my 4 year old son is autistic he was diagnosed before the age of 2 I dont know where you liver but there are county programs. I use a program called the P.L.A.Y. PROJECT, or HELP ME GROW, they come to my home once a week and help with all sorts of issues at home. Also your school district should have a special needs preschool that she could be attending usually its about three hours per day so if she is not in a developmental school you need to call your school system and see what you need to do to enroll her through your city school district. I hope this helps you can email me directly if youd like to talk or share information [email protected]

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