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My son failed an autism screening at the pediatrician the other day and they told me I would have to take him to see a psychologist or something to have him further tested. I'm just a little curious as to what to expect when we go. While I knew his temper tantrums were worse than any other child's I've ever known and his speech was delayed (so was his brother's and sister's) along with a couple other things, I wasn't surprised when they told me there could be something wrong, but wasn't expecting autism, si I'm still processing all of this. I have so many questions..from discipline..to helping my other children cope..and just want to know what to expect with everything.
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Name: Bellsmama07 | Date: Feb 8th, 2013 12:11 PM
I only have 1 child so I can't help you with how to help the other children cope. But when my daughter was 2 she was diagnosed with autism. Took her to a place called Easter Seals and they took us into a room and watched her play with the toys, engaged with her, talked to her to see how she reacted to things. A few days later we went back to talk to the doctor and they told us she had autism/pdd. I went through so many emotions! After she was tested I looked online and found early intervention in my area and started her in therapy. TACA and autism speaks are really good websites that helped me!


Name: Gilly11 | Date: Feb 10th, 2013 12:46 PM
Just last week I took my 2 yr old to a pediatrician Psychologist, and it was easy. You will fill out lots of paperwork, and your child will spend up to 30-45 minutes alone with him, if the child will allow. I went in with mine so he would quit crying. He did his normal, getting into everything but the toys. The Dr. did a lot of testing, puzzles, etc, but my son has nothing to do with that. The Dr. just watched him play, get mad, Joey had one tantrum, which the Dr. brought him out of by tickling him (taking Joey's mind off of what made him mad.) I get on the floor and do the tantrum with him. Really relieves my stress. lol. The pediatrician Psychologist is the one you need. They have seen it and can understand it, and can answer your questions also. So take your list of questions with you. Also before hand, make a list of everything your son does, etc. Does not speak, how long are the tantrums, does not play with toys. Stays alone. No eye contact. All of the things he does. Mine was 2 pages long, and I just gave it to the Dr. which helped him a lot. Because your son is not going to do all of that is a short time. Good Luck. The most important time for an Autistic child is as young as possible to get the right help. 

Name: Mtrader | Date: Mar 14th, 2013 5:00 AM
I am not sure if you have had your evaluation yet.
My son was diagnosed at 2 and is 4 now. It is kind of scary to go through this process and I hope that I can offer so hope and encouragement! I have gone through the public school system, the healthcare system, medicaid and private schools. I have also dealt with public and private therapy too. I guess what I am saying is I can help if you still have questions! Please email me. [email protected] 

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