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My son will be 3 in Feb.....My daughter turned 4 in June. Blake was diag. at 19 mo's with severe autism and recv's in home therapy 6 x's per wk. My daughter has just started voicing that she hates when the therapist come because "it takes too long". Her behavior is horrible when they are in our home.... which is completely not typical of her. She is typically sweet, respectful and VERY well behaved. We have tried to make sure we give her individual attention but we have the same issue each therapy session. She goes to pre k 3 days per week (which she LOVES) but still the other 2 days are a bear as I want to be involved and take in all advice and guidance the therapists have to offer. She loves her brother, but is extremely jealous or resentful (I guess) of the individualized attention he constantly requires. We have tried taking her on outings alone.........but it has not seemed to remedy her issues with his therapy time. Anyone else experience this that could offer some advice?
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Name: phc64 | Date: Jan 4th, 2008 10:28 PM
My kids are twins, now 15 years old and my son is severely autistic. Our daughter went through a period, where she "hated" everything and everyone. She is overall a nice girl, very smart and sensitive, but having a brother with a disability was and still is hard for her. She told me at some point, that she thought we loved our son more, when they were little, mainly because so much of our time went towards him. She still resents it, when he is loud or when we can't do something she wants to do, because of him. Basically I don't have that much advice for you, but a lot of empathy! Just make sure you give her the attention she needs, when you have the time and listen to her. she needs to know she can come to you and talk about how she feels. Good luck! 

Name: BlakesMom | Date: Feb 12th, 2008 3:59 AM
Thank you phc64........ I apologize I did not respond sooner..... Things have been crazy in our household for about a month. I appreciate you words of wisdom that only of another mother of children can offer. Take care 

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