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When developing the law and order, I wonder if Dick Wolf had no idea it would change the face of television in the years ahead? Today, the formula seems simple, but way back when this first issue, which was revolutionary : to spend half of each episode in the police work involved in making a necklace, and half the legal work involved in the prosecution of the suspect.

Never before have viewers covered legal affairs commission of the crime, the police investigation , the construction of a load of legal drama. It was a brilliant idea, and it still is.

For my money, L & O (original recipe) is the best police / legal / TV drama seen. The combination of exceptional distribution (which has maintained a level of excellence, through innumerable ups and downs of the actor), scripts and screenplays bright star and the best results in today's television today makes this duty -see-tv, even after all these years .

As a native of New York, I love the fact that shooting. (Actually, I worked at oneof the building where they often turn scenes, and I can tell that the cast and crew are very nice) that also very thin stage actors in New York have almost every epsiode L & O. And why not come out and say that? Sam Waterston is the man , It's great "good" are not always all good, and a testament to the quality of scripts that are many times when I feel bad. Another great thing about this show: the bad guys are not always condemned.

As in life, L & O is a fair share of criminals to get away with murder

Sure, SVU is a good show, too, but the law and order, the original recipe is still the king of all TV police shows.

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