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Im new here and have never been in a chatroom in my life so bare with me please....
I am a stay at home mum with 3 daughters, 20,18 and 6 and a husband that is away half of the time with work on the rigs!!We live in australia and have been here for 5 years (the hardest 5 of our lives and marriage!!).My 6 year old got diagnosis of autism when she was 3 and Im still struggling to come to terms with it, last year she had a brain tumour and then secondary brain operation.Since then it has been one thing after another being tested for CF, pnuemonia countless times, found out she has immune disorder and various other issues. Life has become such a grind for me Im really struggling at the minute, looking forward to talking to people who understand the struggle, thanks for listening
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Name: johnnywantsme | Date: Oct 4th, 2012 3:51 AM
Hi there. I'd be happy to chat. I just signed up for this like 2 hrs. ago and know zero people who have ASD kiddos who are proactive about it. I, too, am beyond overwhelmed and this has tested my marriage, and deflated my confidence as a mom. I have 4 daughters, 16, 15, 8 and my youngest, Amanda, is 5 1/2 w/ low-functioning autism w/ elopement. She has a pre-seizure condition, is mute, highly destructiveand only has 2 signs (in ASL). We are right now implementing the GFCF diet and it's a challenge as I wasn't much of a cook to begin with. I also have PTSD that has left me disabled w/ a severe memory disorder and pronounced ADHD. My husband works 6 10-hr-days right now and I have told him we should consider putting her into a home. I am angry, exhausted or crying more often than not. My house is looks like we've been robbed and none of my friends really "get it". I didn't understand the big deal until we became one of those families who apologizes and says "sorry, she has autism", w/ the kid who seems like a spoiled bratt who laughs when things smash and people get pissed. I'd be pleased as punch to have a fellow ASD mom to help figure this out with. 

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