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Im a single father of a boy 9 years old who has low conecntartion and hyper activity

Has an Italian nat ihe is trained on a regular basis in a special center for OT and speech sessions. My son goes to a regular international mainstream with his shadow teacher. He is a high motivated child who gets very good grades. Heís also a good English speaker although itís his second language.

Iím planning on bringing him to the US starting from this summer be under your full supervision. I want him to attend Academic and therapist treatments during my stay and to have him prepared for his next school year in USA.

As i'm going leave my country to live in the U.S especially for my child so that i can give him full and best tension and care. So i would be very gratefull if you can recommend me a good center and a school too, as i will choose the city where to live due to the location of them.

Im looking for center which will asses my child and arrange special program for his case also will be ready to offer treatment service till he's capable mainstream school.

Waiting for your reply with full details if you can.

feel free to contact me on my email;
[email protected]
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Name: ila | Date: Apr 9th, 2012 5:08 PM
I am the mother of a 5 year old boy who has autism and ADHD. There are good schools in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida. A very good school is Sawgrass Park Elementary where they have special classrooms for children with problems and they also provide OT and speech therapy. For more therapies you may see a doctor in developmental and behavioral problems. He can recommend medication or/and other therapies. The doctor telephone number is (727)767-8035 and his name is Doctor Shapiro. He is an excellent doctor. He works in All Children Hospital in St Petersburg, Florida. Hope, this will help you in your decision. 

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