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How many parent use medication to help there autistic child?
Need some help or advice.
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Name: michelle | Date: Sep 29th, 2005 5:13 PM
Hi Sarina,My son was daigosed with autism at the age of 2yrs. old.He was sreaming all the time.he seamed to be not happy at all.So I talk to his doctor and deacied to put him on benadral.We tired that and it did not work.So we tired Risperdal it work for awhile.He was playing just having fun.After 3months on that.He just took 2 big steps backwards.We talk it over with his doctor again.But he wanted to up the dose.So me and my husband talk about it and decied to not give him any more medication.I thought and cried alot .he has this promble and work on it.with his ot.So we bought the brushes that the ot used and other special toy that the ot thought was good for him.we have are days.but we work threw it nonstop.And its wroth every min. 

Name: Tracey | Date: Oct 8th, 2005 11:15 PM
I use tenex, a hypertension drug, as my son is ADHD also. It helps a little, but when we try to increase the dosage he has severe constipation. We have also tried strattera with no success. The best thing I have ever done for my son was put him on the gluten and casein free diet. Check out autismNDI.com. 

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