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Please if any of you mom's know what I can try after every medication fails,pre k, nightmare,my beautiful little girl has been through so much at the hands of her own father s abuse,then her major changes after her 15mth shots which two mths after three md,pa 's informed me after lots of testing my daughter has autism,extreme rage an anger from what her father did to her .She is my life an the love of my life,only she seem's to hate me and tells me she hates me an wishes I were dead.My emotion's are on a roller coaster ride 24/7. I feel my only child changed from my sweet angel ,to this cruel,aggressive and even has made me fall twice once it knocked me out cold,the next hurt my back bad,busted my knee cap.She is never sorry or i should say shows no remorse at all,she has broken everything in our home,injured 3 pets one she killed but not on purpose reptile ,but kicking our dogs hard enough to need back surgerys.Nobody seem's to know how to treat my child,medications ,therepys nothing wks. Do any of you know what more I should try? Thank you for any advice .
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